In this blog we would like to introduce you some cultural or useful stuff from our country. Sometimes it will be just brief look at something, to give you a clue that such a thing even exists. Sometimes, we would like to go little bit more down to its depths... We hope you will enjoy it. 

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P.S.: All of them (except the facts) contain the personal opinions of their authors. ;-)

BOTAS 66 represents a lifestyle label of the traditional Czech sports brand Botas. Its foundation was initiated in 2008 by designers Jan Kloss and Jakub Korouš originally as a school project. It is based on the iconic model Botas Classic, which was launched in Czechoslovakia in 1966 and once for all ranked in the Czech dictionary general word...

Prague public transport (PPT) is one of the best ones in Europe. It consists from metro (3 lines), trams (26 lines), buses (125 lines), funicular (3 stops) and you can use some trains as well. The PPT works from ± 4:50 - ± 0:20. Then there is quite good night PPT which is reduced compare to the day one (no...

You've arrived to Prague. It's probably cloudy. Everybody has a look on their face as if they were about to kick you in the shins. You crack a joke and nobody laughs. The "Wine mom" archetype is getting out of hand. Nobody wants to talk.Panic? Worry not - have these rules in mind and nobody will give you dirty looks (or at least not a lot of them)....

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