Kristian ;-)

"Kristian is a true local, born and bread in Prague. Very knowledgable and articulate with the information that he gives. Great personality, funny and whitty which makes it enjoyable. We have clicked on with Kristian from the get go and the tour felt like walking around with a friend around Prague and really enjoying the walk whilst learning new things." Vic & Sanda

"...Kristian is engaging and energetic. He jumps right into the group and is like a (very knowledgeable) friend showing you around. My sister said she couldn't have imagined doing 4.5 hours on a walking tour and loving it with any other guide in Prague! You can tell he loves Prague and does his research." Anna

Czech & English

... was born in the marvelous city of Prague in 1983. At the age of 6 he moved to the countryside (not so far away), where he grew up. After finishing high school, he returned to Prague to study acting at the Acting College of Prague. After finishing school he landed a job at Aha! Theatre. But, because one cannot live from theatre alone, he found a more stable position working as a receptionist at one of Prague's prominent hostels. 

His life changed yet again with the break-up of his relationship. He decided to take a "recuperation holiday" in London. Upon his return he took several different jobs but none of them were the right fit. Until he found a position as "Social Director" (AKA: Event Manager) in the same hostel he started with. 

After five years of working nearly everyday, he realized he would like to have a bit more control over the programs. So, he decided to finish his cooperation with the company and start his own business in Prague with Kristian ;-), which has been in 2018 extended to Prague Local Friends ;-). In 2016 he returned back to school and 2019 he graduated from management in toursim (master degree). He tries to enjoy every moment life has to offer and he hopes you will enjoy Prague with him too!

Certificates and licenses