Why do I have to fill the form when I request the private tour(s)?

Please, mind that we are mainly guides and we do not have to much time for administrative work and mailing - especially during the high season. And there are certain information which help us to set the proposal for you the most convenient way. This form saves us (and also to you) a plenty of time.

Why don´t you prepare the itineraries for the private tours?

We want to prepare the private tours right according to your interest and taste. This is why we do not suggest the itineraries. Unless you have some special request(s), we meet you in the hotel and after quick chit-chat we decide together what you would like to see. Most of us are able to guide you where ever around the historical centre - Old & New Town, Jewish Quarter, Lesser Town, Prague Castle and Vyšehrad. If you have some special requests fill it please in the form.

So how does the tour non-itinerary tour look like?

Most of the time we meet our guests in the hotel, unless we have Jewish Quarter or Prague Castle tour. After introduction we discuss with them, what they have already seen, what they would like to see/vist/know. And then we go for the tour to explore and have some fun!

How much are the tours?

The price of each tour you will find on its page. For the private tours without fix itinerary the price depends on its length and amount of the participants. More you will find here. And the price list is here.

How much are the entrance fees?

If the entrance fee is not included (it is mentioned in the description of the tour) the fees are the regular ones. Here is our list of them.

How can I pay the tour? Can I use the credit card?

We prefer CASH in CZK, but you can also pay the equivalent in USD or EUR.

You can also pay via CC, but we need to know this in advance. And please make sure that your card provider allows payments via SumUp. 

Can I ask for the certain guide?

Of course you can, and we will do the most for them to have her/him, but sometimes we have to do the changes - some special tour only certain guide can do - outskirts of the city centre, Jewish Museum, Terezín or so and then we have to do the swap. But we assure you, we have only the guides we like and who are certified.