"Amálka's stories about her family's life in Prague - both past and present - and her obvious passion for the city and country's history really brought it all to life for us." Dan

Czech & English  /  License

... is a young mother of three kids and was born in Prague in 1986. After spending a couple of years studying at a private high school she learnt about her Jewish roots and graduated at the Lauder School in Prague. About that time Amalka started giving tours of the Jewish Quarter. Her Hebrew studies continued at Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy.

For years Amalka tried to combine her family life and her studies and on the way found a passion for social work and spent some time working for the Jewish community of Prague taking care of and assisting the elderly (especially Shoah survivors)

Having three little kids requires a flexible job and because she's always enjoyed giving tours Amalka recieved her certificate and is now a licensed guide for both Prague and the Jewish museum. 

She loves literature, history, underground music, listening to her grandmother's stories about her experience in the anti-communist movement, searching for records used in her family tree and of course spending time with her family.