Prague public transport


PPT in General

Prague public transport is one of the best ones in Europe. It consists from metro (3 lines), trams (26 lines), buses (125 lines) and you can use trains as well. The night transport is slightly different.

Basically, you can use all of these for the same prices (except the trains which are going out of the city zone and some buses). The prices are depending on the time of your ride and the category of passenger.

We have these categories of passengers: Adult, Child, Senior & 0-6/70+.

For adults is the full price, for children (6-15) and seniors (65-70) is the price half, but you need to get special confirmation. Children under age of 6 and seniors over 70 have the transport for free.


Kde je koupit (U News agents, metro stations automats - mostly for coins, now even by CC, but most be contact 

Dá se i smskou

Ale hlavně lítačka


Dá se platit Kreditkou, nebo jen cash

Jak zavolat taxi - mávat, phone? Cena, platit CC?



JAk na letiště?

V docházková vzdálenost v centu většina věcí