GOLEM VR - the biggest virtual reality experience in Europe


Usually (read every time) when I go for the special presentations provided by the museums or some tourist attractions, I am quite sceptical at it. Today´s visit of Dive Into Virtual Reality Lab was really something I did not expect. It is situated in -1 floor at toy shop Hamleys (where btw. they have quite nice souvenirs too).

After signing up some terms and conditions (honestly, I have no bloody idea, what I have signed up for, so I hope I am able to write this without any penalty :D), they give you special Google glasses and headset and some special bag (I guess that's the computer :D) and off you go!

We have done the GOLEM VR game (there is one or two more), which was stunning. I do not know if you have the same thing, but every time, when I get too excited, I just repeat in fascination one sentence: "Ježíš, to je super!" (Jesus, that´s super!) This time it happened a lot.

I do not want to spoil your experience, so just briefly in general... You will go through some time gate to 16th century right into the time of Rabi Löwe and his Golem. You will witness Golem´s bringing to life and his end (of course the story is little bit simplified). That is basically all. There are some really easy puzzles you have to solve or tasks you have to do to get further. Thinking of it now, I have to say it is a really easy plot. On the other hand that experience was very outstanding. 

 I (as a lover of Prague and her history) really loved the fact that I had the opportunity to see some Prague´s parts in 16th century - Charles Bridge without statue, unfinished St. Vitus Cathedral, Old New Synagogue or Jewish cemetery during the full moon night (that was my favourite part).

I do not think that this thing is a must in Prague, but definitely it is worth the money and the time!

With our PLF Card you can have a discount (instead of 450) you will pay CZK 400.