BOTAS 66 traditional product with a new sexy look


BOTAS 66 represents a lifestyle label of the traditional Czech sports brand Botas. Its foundation was initiated in 2008 by designers Jan Kloss and Jakub Korouš originally as a school project. It is based on the iconic model Botas Classic, which was launched in Czechoslovakia in 1966 and once for all ranked in the Czech dictionary general word "botasky" (Botas shoes) as a reference to any sport shoe. Strong link to historical tradition, honest domestic production and connection to contemporary design are the hallmarks of BOTAS 66. All products are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Botas was put on the market in Czechoslovakia by Botana, a national company founded in 1949 in Skuteč, situated in the Pardubice region - a region with a shoemaking tradition since the 15th century. Apart from the originally made ​​men's walking shoes, Botas focused exclusively on sports shoes (hence the name Botas : BOTA + Sport or BOTA + Skuteč; bota = shoe ). The brand had a number of specialized sport shoes in their portfolio - for athletics, ball sports, box, even for skydiving. They were worn by the sport-active public, even by Czechoslovakian professional athletes, including multiple Olympic medalists or World Champions Věra Čáslavská, Jiří Raška, or the Roman siblings.

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