...was born under the sign of Pisces at the beginning of 1980s in Prague. Since her childhood she has been exploring the beauty of her hometown with her grandma who was telling her the legends and the history of the city. And loved it.

As a student of MBA program which she studied in Prague and Barcelona she took a Licenced tour guide of Prague course and after passing the official exams she has become a licensed tour guide in English and Spanish :-) As a fresh MBA graduated she started her career in the corporate world but very early found out that this is not what she wanted, also worked for airlines and travel agencies and in her free time gave tours to the visitors of Prague.

During her maternity leave the volume of tours increased and finally she decided to be a full-time guide.

Lucie loves Prague, London and Barcelona, and also likes to discover other corners of the globe. She is an ever-starting yogi who is looking for her ZEN. She likes good food and organic cosmetics which she also makes at home, she loves her bed, good books, the smell of sun-dried linen and of course her two sons and husband.