Reviews of Katrin´s tours (25)


Canada / Reviewed on 29/09/2017

As a solo female traveller, when I first arrive into a new destination I usually like to get a lay of land by taking a walking tour. When I arrived into Prague and did my usual search, I came across "Prague with Kristian" and noticed he has a "Prague by Night" tour. I was thrilled with the prospect that I could venture out into the evening with a local and explore Prague under a starry night and ambient street lights.
My guide (and colleague of Kristian) Katrin quickly got in touch with me and informed me it would just be us two ladies for the evening! I was impressed that they would still do the tour with just me. What a pleasant surprise to all of sudden have a private tour!
During the tour, Katrin proved herself to be extremely intelligent and personable. She was determined to answer every question I had for her and she brought maps and a tablet so she could explain the history of the Czech Republic. I was extremely impressed with how she really wanted to impart as much information as she could to me. As we talked and walked, we covered quite a bit of the city.
The real appeal of "Prague by Night" was the fact that most of the clamouring tourists were off the streets and I could see the beauty of an empty Charles Bridge. I was able to get a demonstration of the unique acoustics of a cement step sculpture at Prague Castle that you absolutely could NOT experience with the daytime crowds there! We had the entire Prague Castle grounds to ourselves. Being able to snap a shot of the narrowest street in Prague devoid of tourists was also a bonus.
The highlight of the evening was a met up in a cozy bar with Kristian, himself. Both Katrin and Kristian were telling me about a local half-fermented wine called Burčák and treated me to a glass of the unique liquid accompanied by much lively, creative, and hilarious chit chat. Now that is what I call a personal touch!
I came away from the evening realizing how lucky I was to have experienced this "Prague by Night" tour. I went in with no expectations and got more than I could have imagined. I highly recommend this tour or any other with "Prague with Kristian". He is a generous, creative soul who enjoys sharing his talent and love for his city and country. Much thanks to Katrin and Kristian for a memorable evening exploring "Prague by Night"!


Australia / Reviewed on 25/5/2016

We (My wife and myself) took the 1 night tour around Prague. Katrin is very knowledgeable and punctual . She brought us to the castle and city. She is very clear and patient in explaining the history as we toured. She manage to answer all my questions which is very impressive. Towards the end of the tour, she brought us to an authentic café for a good coffee. We enjoyed our time with Katrin and surely will recommend her to our friends.




Italy / Reviewed on 11/4/2016

First of all I would like to say thanks to Kristian ;-) for putting me in touch with Katrin.

She is very professional and committed, she explained everything to me with good humor and consideration - knows the sights that we visited and the history of the location. I really enjoy Prague with her.

I would recommend your company to anyone - and I would recommend Katrin as a guide.

Hope to see u soon,