Czech & English / License

Eva was born in Prague not long before the end of communism. She has lived here all her life except for one year just after finishing secondary school when she went volunteering at a school in England. As she enjoyed the experience, she decided to study English and Education at Charles University. During her studies, she got to travel around European capitals quite a bit because she had a part-time job as a host on a coach.

When she was a child, her parents often walked with her around the centre of Prague and told her history of the old houses and people that had lived there. Back then, she was more interested in pigeons, ice-cream and street artists on the way, but later she took interest in those stories too and got her guiding licence in 2009.

Now she combines two jobs. She teaches English in a language school and she helps people explore her favourite city as a tour guide. Both jobs are perfect for her because of her outgoing personality. She loves guiding because she gets to meet new people, show them the most beautiful places in Prague and also give them some useful insider's tips.