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Sylva was born and brought up in the past (communist) regime, so she really does know what she is talking about, on her tours, when she refers to the recent past.

When the borders opened, she immediately took the chance to travel, study and work abroad. There was always something (or someone) she fell in love with, and that provoked her to stay longer than planned. This is how she ended up mastering 5 foreign languages fluently. She is very cosmopolitan, feels at home in many different places (Prague is one of them), and her lifestyle is influenced by Scandinavian coziness and by Asian smiles alike.

She studied journalism at the Charles University in Prague and temporarily worked for a newspaper. Eventually, she became a professional tour guide, which in her opinion is very similar to journalism since one also gets to tell (and sometimes make-up) stories.

Sylva's job is her hobby. It also saves her the expense of a fitness membership card, because she gets all her exercise from strolling the city with groups, walking back and forth across Charles Bridge, drinking Moravian wine whilst on duty with clients, and justifying her suspicious permanent sun tan by constantly denying having been on holiday in the south! Her biggest goal is to make the guests return again to this stunning city of Prague.