Description of the tour: Originally built as a fortress city in 1780 by Josef II and named poetically by his mother (Maria Theresa) Teresienstadt. During the WWII was the Main Fortress used as a Jewish ghetto for Jews from former Czechoslovakia, Austria but also from Germany, Netherlands & Denmark. Part of the fortification (Small Fortress) served as the largest Gestapo prison in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia - this was on the other side of the river from the Main Fortress and operated separately...

During the tour we will visit the complex of Small fortress (Gestapo prison), Museum of Ghetto, The Magdeburg barracks, Columbarium, Ceremonial Halls and Central Morgue & The Crematorium at the Jewish Cemetery.

Lenght: ± 5

Including: Entrance fees, guide in English & private car with a driver (or a driving guide)

Price: € 465 - 605 (More detailed below.)

Led by: Kristian or Katrin 


1 pax

€ 465

2 pax

€ 480

3 pax 

€ 535

4 pax

€ 575

5 pax

€ 590

6 pax

€ 605

More pax need to be discussed.