"...Jáchym was great fun and extremely knowledgeable about the city...We saw all the main sites, had a history lesson and got to see some things that only the locals would know... Jáchym was really friendly and personable and we would definitely recommend him to anyone considering personal tours." Clare

"Night tour was incredible, Kaeli is gonna marry our tour guide..." Corinna

Czech, English & French  /  License

...was born in Prague just recently, some 20 years ago. Even though he loves Prague and the Czech Republic in general, he had already left to study in Paris. Living elsewhere made him realise how much he really appreciates his home town, Prague.

He started his guiding career in Paris, but only for fun and for his friends. Despite that he realised guiding was something he enjoys doing and when the opportunity came up to be a guide in Prague he was more than happy to give it a go.

He finished his high school education in France only to return to high school in Prague. He really enjoys history and studies it in school of course but also as a hobby. In Paris he found another one of his passions, philosophy. Besides that he enjoys modern art, architecture and climbing.