"...was engaging and a passionate story teller with a quick witt." Cameron 

Czech, Spanish & English  /  License

...was born on a sunny February Tuesday 18 years ago in Prague and has had a strong love/hate relationship with her ever since. Prague for her is endless walking, well-picked coffee shops, 10 months of sweater weather and 2 of boiling eggs on the roof of your car. She happens to be fluent in Spanish; basically, her mother once told her "go get accepted to this school", and so she did, and it turned out to be a bilingual institute with subjects taught in Spanish, so there we are. Apart from trotting around town and sipping coffee, Ema's talents and hobbies include being late to school but never getting a record, singing along to Lana Del Rey, compulsively reading everything that comes near her reach and imagining that she's a sultry piano player in a 1920's jazz band. Ema also does theatre, but her mother says that she's been doing theatre since she learnt how to talk, so she's not sure if that counts.